NEBRA Announces Financial Support for Road Race Directors in New England
January 28, 2024

NEBRA is excited to announce a new initiative to provide financial support to Road Race Directors in New England. The impetus and generosity of John Raguin has resulted in the establishment of a fund to help ensure that Race Directors of road races in New England will not lose money putting on a qualifying race. John has donated $20,000 to NEBRA to establish the fund. The mission of the fund is to provide a potential financial safety net for Race Directors who, on a race-by-race basis, satisfy the established criteria in promoting a road race (non-Criterium event) in New England but fail to break even financially. The fund will cover shortfalls of up to $3,000 per qualifying race, as set forth fully in the full terms of the program, linked here (PDF). Questions can be addressed to NEBRA is grateful to John for his generosity and support of road racing in New England.