The New England Bicycle Racing Association (NEBRA) is a non-profit organization with the mission to preserve and improve bicycle racing in New England. NEBRA is also the contracted Local Association for USA Cycling (USAC). NEBRA is charged with administering the race calendar working with clubs and professional promoters, handling upgrades and downgrades of riders, assigning, training, and recruiting officials, and any other task that involves being the face of sanctioned (USAC approved) bicycle racing in New England.

We are a volunteer organization — with the exception of JD Bilodeau with whom we contract to coordinate, and often perform, these tasks. New England is very lucky to have a large number of riders and a very vibrant club based racing environment.

We receive virtually all of our funding through a small percentage of racers’ annual license fees. We also issue grants in support of New England Bicycle Racing and you can go to our grant page on this site to see our guidelines. With the help of AthleteReg's website Road-Results.com we run a ranking system to recognize the riders who have consistently performed well in their respective category or age group. At the end of the year the NEBRA Trophy is awarded.

We do this for the benefit of amateur racing, the development of riders who might someday be at the top of the sport, and our love of the sport (We wouldn’t want to count the collective number of bicycles owned by the individuals on the board). In addition to the above, we have volunteers who work on advancing women’s, juniors, masters, and collegiate racers. We also have programs for promoters and officials.

See you on the road and at the races.

The NEBRA Board

Current Directors:

Paul Boudreau

David Hoyle

John Laupheimer

Lauren LeClaire

Dana Prey

Colin Reuter

Jim Smith

Administrator: JD Bilodeau

Bylaws of the New England Bicycle Racing Association (NEBRA)

Bylaws of the New England Bicycle Racing Association (NEBRA)




Section 1. PRINCIPAL OFFICE. The principal office of NEBRA, hereinafter entitled the Corporation, shall be in the Town of South Portland, Maine or such other place as designated by resolution of the Board of Directors of the Corporation.


Section 2. OTHER OFFICES. The Board of Directors may also elect to open other offices of the Corporation both within and without the State of Maine to conduct the business of the Corporation.

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