The New England Bicycle Racing Association’s mission is to advance, develop and support the bike racing community and the sport of cycling in New England. We are dedicated to fostering an environment that provides lifelong opportunities in the sport for all participants, promoters and supporters.

NEBRA is the USA Cycling Local Association for the New England states.  In addition to some administration tasks, NEBRA allocates race officials, offers grants and bridge loans, curates rankings, and works with promoters, officials and racers to generally make their bike racing experience better than if no one was in charge.   Any USAC-registered cycling club in New England is eligible to join NEBRA, which grants the club a vote in the annual election of board members.

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Current Officers and Directors:

  • Alan Atwood (President)
  • Kaitlyn Agnew
  • Tim Cary
  • Chris Dehahn
  • Ron Jacobs
  • Mike Rowell
  • Brian Wolfe
  • Leslie Timm (Treasurer)