Candidate Statement from Alan Atwood
January 30, 2024

Most of you will recognize my name in some form or fashion. I’m a Race Director, Regional level Official, Results Technician, Registration Specialist, Technical Director…………..but most importantly, I’m a huge fan of the sport of competitive cycling. I’ve been involved in the sport since 1988, when my college roommate decided to embark on a charity trek from St. Albans, VT to Portland, ME, and wanted some support following him. This dominoed to supporting his races, then running a race team, then scoring our club’s local criterium series……and the journey began in earnest. In over 30+ years in the sport I have involved in one element or another, and I’ve seen a lot and experienced even more.

Since I joined the NEBRA Board of Directors 2 years ago, I have continued to see this as a great opportunity to do something else to help the community that has given me so much joy and a great bunch of memories over the years. I’ve been happy to lend my wealth and depth of experience to an organization that only wants the best for New England cycling and cyclists. There continue to be lots of challenges ahead, including resuscitating road racing from the floor that it currently lives. Navigating through this will take a lot of good minds with good heads working together to clear a path through the fog and hopefully return New England competitive cycling to a healthy state. I relish the challenge to help create that path. There are a lot of great competitors in New England, good people who want to see the return of a healthy racing scene that is inviting and full of dynamic energy. And that would be my primarily goal in any time served with the board of NEBRA.

I hope that the competitive cycling community of New England would support me in continuing to serve on the Board of Directors for the New England Bicycle Racing Association. If you will give me your vote for the 2024-2026 term, I will do my best in working with this talented group of people in helping to continue New England’s pride in being the best region in the country to compete in this great sport of cycling.

Thank you,
Alan Atwood