NEBRA Statement on GMSR
October 13, 2015

An open letter to the New England Cycling Community from JD Bilodeau, NEBRA Administrator-

NEBRA would like to comment on the events that occurred during this years Green Mountain Stage Race. During the second stage there were several incidents that lead to a number of neutralizations and stoppages for several fields. After the stage a number of stage and GC changes took place for the Cat 2 men as a result of incidents on the stage.

Difficulties in radio communication during the stage and delays with stage results and protest adjudication led to a general lack of information and communication for stage 2 (communiques were posted daily for all stages). The job of NEBRA, it’s associated promoters and officials is to provide a safe and fair racing experience for all those participating. We understand that some of you feel we have fallen short in this regard and NEBRA would like to apologize to those competitors who were affected by the incidents at GMSR.

As part of the post event review process NEBRA welcomes all feedback and constructive criticism. Over the past several weeks we have had ongoing discussions with the officials who were on site, the promoter of the Green Mountain Stage Race and riders in both the Pro/1 and Cat 2 fields. We feel like we now have a solid grasp of the incidents that occurred during the race, and have started to discuss strategies to help us improve not only future editions of GMSR but all cycling events in New England.

Our specific areas of focus in this ongoing review process will be race radio communication between the various fields on the road at the same time and the start/finish area, and communication between officials on the road and the riders racing. We will also focus on improving the results and protest adjudication process to ensure prompt stage and GC results, and to ensure that the protest process is clear and expedient.

NEBRA would like to thank the riders and officials who reached out during and after GMSR to help us improve the racing experience for everyone. We are committed to making New England the best region in the country for riders, promoters and officials. As always I welcome comments and suggestions and can be reached either in person at an event, by email, or through the NEBRA website, With everyones continued support we will continue to lead the way in this sport we all love so dearly.

Thank You

JD Bilodeau

NEBRA Administrator