Board Candidate Statement from Jerry De Zutter
May 23, 2018

NEBRA members and Board of Directors,

Please consider these, my qualifications and proposed initiatives, as grounds for election to a position on the NEBRA Board of Directors (BoD).

  1. Active bicycle racer. Through 3 decades of competitive bicycle racing, other endurance sports including triathlon, duathlon, distance/ultra/trail running, and adventure racing in New England, I have built an extensive, viable network within the racing communities. I am proud to be part of the vibrant New England bicycle racing community which I consider a lifestyle choice and promote actively.
  2. Currently a member of 545 Velo racing team BoD as well as a team captain. Previously in leadership roles on several other teams I was a member of. Professionally, 10+ yrs working at a non-profit. A propensity to volunteer my time towards my interests (winter indoor training group principal, 5K race producer/promoter, youth sports coach). As a NEBRA BoD member it would be a very steep learning curve for me to initiate, engage support and follow through on organizational goals, using only limited resources and personnel.
  3. A sports nutrition professional as well as a cycling and endurance sports coach, I have excellent perspective on how these and other tangential aspects are impacting bicycle racing. If elected to the NEBRA BoD I will be actively investigating opportunities for more integration of current trends into our New England Bicycle racing community, much to our athlete’s benefit.
  4. As it stands now, thanks to current and past NEBRA BoD and active members, our NEBRA scene is awesome! As a NEBRA BoD member I would work to maintain our current culture. I absolutely support and would keep those cyclocross, gravel, fondo and NEHSCA balls rolling! However, I would seek to improve upon the gateways to entry into bicycle racing; engagement and recruitment of adult (think ages ~25-35), junior and women cyclists all need to be forefront in our efforts to keep our racing ranks some of the deepest and best in the country. And, as many have noted before, we need to address the decline in road racing, in New England.

Think bigger picture, why is it that in the last 10 years or so there are more American based pro tour teams, there is local talent racing on pro tour and continental tour teams, a high level of respect for American riders, internationally, and the highest level of international talent coming to race in American pro tour races (eg. Amgen ToC) yet in New England, albeit at the amateur level, there has been a decline in road racing activity? We need to embrace that we are part of the fabric of American bicycle racing, align ourselves better with the national organizations of racing and make appealing the pathways for advancing through our regional racing scene towards the chance to compete nationally and internationally. I already see some good things happening along these lines, but I think we can do better here and I will support, promote and propose initiatives in this area.

There are numerous other topics that could be addressed but I will stop here and say that by electing me to the NEBRA BoD you will be benefiting from allowing me to pour my time, energy and experience into keeping all our New England bicycle racing disciplines great. I respectfully ask for your vote.

Yours in cycling,

Jerry De Zutter