Candidate Statement from Colin Reuter
January 21, 2020

I, Colin Reuter, should be on the NEBRA board for the following reasons:

1) I’ve raced 30 bike races or more every year in New England for the
last 10 years, across all three disciplines, so I have a lot of
experience participating in the New England racing scene in its
current form.
2) I promote three races a year, using three different sanctioning
bodies (USAC, EFTA, Unsanctioned), so I have exposure to almost all
promoter concerns.
3) I started two websites (crossresults and road-results) because I
like cycling results, data and analysis.  Many features on them have
been so successful that they were more or less copied verbatim on
4) I’m the lead programmer at BikeReg, so I spend all day long with my
finger on the pulse of New England events and think about online event
registration more than anyone ever should.

My long term vision for New England cycling is to keep it awesome, and
I think I have a unique set of experiences and skills to help an
institution like NEBRA understand and shape the racing landscape.