Board Candidate Statement from Michael Norton
January 2, 2019

As an active member of our cycling community since 1986, I respectfully ask for you vote in the upcoming election for NEBRA board member.

I began my cycling career as a novice Category 4 USCF racer back in 1986. My involvement in racing sparked a desire to see it evolve and flourish as much as my passion for the sport did. Throughout the years, I continued racing and becoming more and more involved in all aspects of the sport. Between coaching juniors to become National champions and directing and officiating bike races, I have remained committed to keeping cycling alive in the New England region.
I understand cycling from a variety of perspectives. As a racer, I know the concerns and needs that racers have, including the safety of a race as well as general considerations of accurate results, payouts, etc. From a director’s point of view, I understand the financial and time commitments necessary to work with multiple municipalities in organizing a successful event.

My experience as an official affords me the opportunity to acknowledge that results need to be accurate and timely, and that racers enjoy their involvement in the event.

I have viewed bicycle racing through a variety of lenses. I understand the perspective of each participant in the sport and most importantly, am passionate about keeping our sport alive in our New England region. I would appreciate your vote in our upcoming election and am committed to hearing your voice and ensuring that it is heard.


Michael A. Norton

Category 2 USAC Coach
B USA Cycling Official
USA Cycling racer for 32 years
USAC Race Director for 30 years (Quabbin RR, Hatfield RR, Monson RR, Palmer RR, Sturbridge RR, Stafford Crit and Brimfield training series)
NEBRA past president and board member