A Statement on the 2017 Nutmeg Classic Criterium
June 6, 2017

This past Sunday at the Nutmeg Classic Criterium in New Britain, CT the race director made a decision at the start line of the Women’s Pro/1/2/3 to eliminate the advertised prize lists due to small participation numbers as well as combine the Men’s Master 30+ with the Men’s Master 40+ without a separate prize list. This decision goes against both NEBRA and USA Cycling policy.

After making this known to the Nutmeg State Games organization, NEBRA suggested that the decision be reversed and the prize lists paid out in full.

“After speaking with the NEBRA Board of Directors regarding the Women’s 1-3 and Men’s 30+ Prize List being pulled at the start line it has been determined that the situation was not handled appropriately according to USA Cycling Guidelines,” Connecticut Sports Management Group/Nutmeg State Games Executive Director Patrick Fisher. “We here at the Nutmeg State Games strive to make decisions in the best interest of our participants.”

NEBRA remains committed to prize list parity and includes equal payout as part of its Race Director Guidelines. Currently, New England Regional Championship events are required to provide equal prize money, with all New England State Championship events to be required to follow suit in 2018.

“We appreciate the quick action taken by the Nutmeg State Games to fulfill the prize lists published in the official race announcement,” said NEBRA Administrator JD Bilodeau. “Prize list parity is an important piece of NEBRA’s efforts to elevate our State and Regional Championships to serve as a model for all races in New England. NEBRA is fully supportive of a USA Cycling sanctioned cycling event within the Nutmeg State Games and looks forward to working with them to continue to offer prize list parity.”

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  1. […] UPDATE: After communications with NEBRA, the Nutmeg State Games are stepping in to reverse Sunday’s decision and pay out both the Women’s elite and Men’s 30+ fields in accordance with the posted flyer. The official statement is here. […]

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