2021 Notice and Agenda Of Annual Meeting
January 15, 2021


Date and Time: February 13th, 2021 at 4:00 pm via Zoom

Place: The Internet (zoom).   Voting will be done electronically in the following week — members need not be present to vote.

All current members must renew before the meeting and are eligible to vote. New members must join prior to the meeting and will be eligible to vote. 

New members may join by BikeReg.

Voting membership is limited to USA Cycling licensed clubs and individual Race Directors (who are not members of a USA Cycling club) with a licensed address in one of the 6 New England States (CT,MA,ME, NH, RI, VT) .

Membership is $25 per year. Membership fee will be waived for individual Race Directors, or USA Cycling licensed clubs who sponsor/organize an active event or program that furthers the advancement of cycling, and is open to members outside that club, in the New England States in 2019 or 2020. To take advantage of the waiver enter the name of your qualifying event or program during registration through BikeReg.

Voting by proxy is encouraged if members are unable to participate. A web voting facility will be provided.


1) Call to order

2) President’s Report

3) Close

There will be 4 board seats up for re-election.  At present, only Joe Rodrigues has committed to running for re-election, so NEBRA is strongly interested in soliciting additional candidates for the 2021-2023 board positions.

Those wishing to run for the NEBRA Board should submit candidate statements to board@nebra.us by 2/10/20.

We will be setting up a voting site for members to vote either before the annual meeting or during the meeting. More details to follow.

2021 Candidate Statements will be posted to the NEBRA Website as available