Candidate Statement from Ron Jacobs
February 6, 2023

I would like the opportunity to serve on your NEBRA board to help guarantee the short and long-term success of bike racing in New England.

Bike racing has been a considerable and wonderful part of my life for nearly 25 years. I love everything about it!  Many if not most of my closest friends are fellow racers.  I want to try to give back to a pursuit and community that have given so much to me.

The perspective that I can bring as a long-time and continuing racer and part of the bike community is hardly unique or even uncommon. What distinguishes me as a candidate are my powers of observation and issue spotting, judgment, reasonableness, and general nature as a consensus builder and problem solver.  These strengths and qualities have served me well in my professional life, decades as a trial lawyer and employment law counselor, and my current professional role as the manager and general counsel to a family office for an ultra-high net worth family.  I am particularly able to distill key facts, look at situations objectively and dispassionately, and provide a measured and considered perspective communicated clearly.  My counsel is often sought by friends and acquaintances.  I want to use these qualities and experiences to help shepherd bike racing in New England.

I look forward to learning more of the details underlying the key issues that NEBRA faces, but I think it is obvious that we need to work to encourage and nurture potential racers, support existing and potential promoters and officials, and determine how to make the most of NEBRA’s relationship with USA Cycling.

I would relish the opportunity to be your NEBRA Board member.