Candidate Statement from Brian Wolfe
January 21, 2020

Candidate Name: Brian Wolfe
Current Position: Events Director
Organization: The CT Cycling Advancement Program
Education: B.S. – Sport Management, University of Connecticut

Candidate Statement:
My commitment to sport, cycling in particular, began at a young age. From racing in local
criteriums to racing at Junior National Championships in Bend, Oregon, I spent a lot of time on
the bike. In 2010, I stepped away from cycling to play ball sports including football, baseball,
and lacrosse with friends. These sports taught me the importance of being involved with a
team, and having a sense of community, something that in my time as a junior, cycling lacked
for me.
While attending The University of Connecticut, I re-discovered my love for cycling and became
more involved with The CT Cycling Advancement Program (CCAP), whose mission is to provide

Connecticut’s youth and family access to cycling in the form of competitive and non-
competitive teams and events. In addition to working part time at CCAP, I became involved with

UConn’s Sport Business Association where I was elected as Conference Director of the 2018
UConn Sport Business Conference. The conference attracted over 200 students and 30
professionals from multiple organizations such as ESPN, NBA, Fox Sports, Philadelphia 76’ers,
and more.
Under the supervision and support of Aidan Charles and Dave Hoyle, I naturally excelled within
the CCAP and was offered a full-time position organizing their 35+ events a year. Over the past
two years, I have continuously learned new skills and knowledge from CCAP’s leadership team
and have in depth understanding of the ins-and-outs of cycling. When I am not negotiating
sponsorships or gaining venue permissions, I can be found riding or racing my bike at local races
in New England and spending time with my family.
The New England Bicycle Racing Association is USA Cycling’s best Local Association but like any
other LA’s, faces the modern-day challenges of the sport including a decline in competition, a
shift to more experience-based events, and gender parity. With my open-minded attitude,
determination to succeed, and multi-faceted perspective of a race organizer, racer, and
someone who has experience with other organized sports, I am the perfect candidate for the
NEBRA Board. Together we can elevate cycling to it’s true potential in the region.