Call for NEBRA Board Candidate
May 8, 2018

After 9 years of service, our current President and Board Member, John Laupheimer, is stepping down, which opens up a seat on our Board of Directors. NEBRA is announcing a special election to elect a board member to fill that vacancy.  The NEBRA bylaws state that the board shall appoint his replacement, but we have agreed to appoint whoever wins the election as his replacement rather than hand-pick a new board member.


Anyone interested in running for this open board seat, should submit a candidate statement via email to by May 21, 2018.


Voting is open to all NEBRA-registered clubs and race promoters.  A list of current members can be found here:  If you’re a race promoter or club not on this list, we’d love to have you join and help us shape the future of New England bicycle racing. Clubs and Race Directors must be licensed with USA Cycling and have an address in one of the 6 New England states.


With the presidency changing, this will be a pivotal time for NEBRA, and we value your input.  To vote in this election, you will need to join NEBRA by May 22nd.



The Structure of NEBRA


NEBRA is composed of seven board members and one administrator.  The administrator is an employee of NEBRA, whose responsibility is to execute tasks that the organization deems important to fulfill our mission to improve and grow New England cycling.


Continuing Board Members: Dave Hoyle, Lauren LeClaire, Dana Prey, Colin Reuter, Laura Summers, Paul Boudreau


Administrator: JD Bilodeau


John Laupheimer is stepping down and there will be a special election for a board member to replace him.  


Following the process as outlined in NEBRA bylaws, the Board will then elect a new president internally, either an existing board member or the winner of the special election.


The NEBRA Board Member job entails:


* Participate in a monthly ~1-hour board phone call with the NEBRA administrator to recap the events of the previous month and plan for upcoming months

* Be responsive through BaseCamp (our project management app) and by email or phone to discuss occasional issues which need to be addressed before the monthly call

* Intermittently contribute to NEBRA projects that go beyond the scope of the administrator (i.e. August Adventure, Promoter Summit)

* Attend the annual Board meeting and other occasional events to strategize the long-term goals of NEBRA


On top of the Board Member roles, the Presidency also involves:


* Moderating the monthly board calls

* Being the top step in the chain of accountability (i.e. “where the buck stops”)

* Being the public face of NEBRA — taking calls and emails from the community when needed

* A little bit of paperwork, including filing the Maine annual report, making sure the 990 is filed with the IRS, reviewing and signing the contract w/ USAC, and coordinating the annual meeting.