NEBRA Board of Directors Job Description
December 12, 2023

Are you interested in joining the NEBRA board of directors?  Read on!

Who We Are:

The NEBRA Board of Directors is composed of seven members, each serving two year terms. Directors are elected by a vote of the membership, and ratified at the Annual Meeting. Four are elected in even years, and three are elected in odd years. A Director may serve a maximum of three terms (six years). The President, who is elected by the Board, serves a maximum of three years.

What We Do:

The NEBRA Board of Directors is the administrative body of the New England Bicycle Racing Association, whose mission is to advance, develop and support the bike racing community and the sport of cycling in New England. We are dedicated to fostering an environment that provides lifelong opportunities in the sport for all participants, promoters and supporters.

 Overall Director Responsibilities:

Every Director participates in the process of :

  • Developing ways to grow the sport of competitive cycling in both athlete participation and number of safe events throughout New England
  • Serving as the New England liaison to USA Cycling
  • Overseeing the Officials Assignors, who assign USA Cycling officials to NEBRA events
  • Communicating regularly with membership
  • Providing financial assistance to support events in the region

Specific Director Task Opportunities:

The Board is a collaborative body. We all share the workload so that no one member feels that they have to do it all themselves. Some of the tasks you may be interested in participating in are:

  • Preparation of the periodic email newsletter and social media posts
  • Creation of the Road and Cyclocross annual event calendars
  • Managing the NEBRA Road and Cyclocross participant rankings
  • Administering and/or utilizing the NEBRA technology, i.e. email blasts, Google Forms, etc.
  • Developing and administering the annual member survey
  • Participating in the monthly USA Cycling Local Association conference call
  • Planning NEBRA events, such as the Annual Meeting and Promoter’s Summit
  • Be a liaison to USA Cycling, event organizers, racers, and officials 


  • Attend the monthly Board of Directors video call as often as possible (one hour per month)
  • Maintain an active SafeSport certification through USA Cycling

If you are interested, please send an e-mail with your information and why you are interested to: