2019 NEBRA Board Member Election Info
January 16, 2019

The retirement of some longtime board members means that only one incumbent (Joe Rodrigues) is running for the FOUR board seats we’re electing. There’s going to be some big changes in the board’s makeup, and we are thrilled to have a group of qualified candidates running for those seats.  Each NEBRA club or Race Director will receive voting instructions on 1/23, and have until 1/29 to submit their votes. The results will be announced on 1/30.


The four Board of Director seats up for election this year were held by Paul Boudreau, Dana Prey, Joe Rodrigues and Laura Summers. Joe is seeking re-election, the other three directors are not. For 2019, the candidates for the NEBRA Board of Directors are:


Kim DuBord – Candidate Statement

Chad Gibson – Candidate Statement

Alex Grabau – Candidate Statement

Lydia Hausle – Candidate Statement

Michael Norton – Candidate Statement

Joe Rodrigues (incumbent) – Candidate Statement

Michael Rowell – Candidate Statement


The NEBRA Board has seven directors who are elected for two year terms. Terms are staggered with 4 seats being elected this year, and three next year. Directors may serve for up to three consecutive two year terms.  Requirements for Board Members include participation in monthly conference calls and some limited in person meetings over the course of the year. As a USA Cycling contracted Local Association, all Board Members must pass a background check (paid for by NEBRA) and participate in the SafeSport education program (no charge).


Legalese From the Bylaws

Voting for NEBRA Directors is by NEBRA Members. Members shall be (i) Any person, partnership, corporation, association or other legal entity who or which is a USA Cycling (“USAC”) licensed club licensed at an address located in one of the New England states or and whose members participate principally in USAC races held in New England during that year (“Cycling Club”), or a person or entity without a club affiliation who is a  licensed USAC “Race Director” licensed at an address located in one of the New England states (“Race Director”); and (ii) has paid the Annual Dues to the Corporation for being a Member for that Fiscal Year; (iii) and abiding by the Bylaws of the Corporation. Membership is granted after the completion and receipt of the membership form and Annual Dues. NEBRA Membership can be found here: https://www.bikereg.com/nebra-membership1