Online Event Waiver Information for Officials

Beginning in the summer of 2019 event participants can sign their event waivers/release forms electronically during the registration process. So no more* signing paper forms at number pickup!

There are a couple of areas where USA Cycling Officials may be impacted by the new online waivers: bib number assignments (during staging / rider call ups) and in the event of a crash or other occurrence.


Because the new Online waiver system means there are no paper release forms for bib numbers to be stapled to there is the potential for mistakes in the bib number assignment process. During the Chief Referee’s initial contact with the Event Director they should make sure they cover how bib numbers will be assigned and how they will be distributed. For events using rider call-ups or a staging protocol it will be helpful to go over that as well. It is our hope that Event Directors will assign bib numbers during the BikeReg download process as they traditionally have done. This should result in a smooth distribution of bibs on race day, but there is potential for the wrong number to be handed to a rider. Understanding how the event plans to distribute bibs can be helpful in solving problems. Additionally, during the pre event check in with the Event Director the CR should go over the plan to double check that all pre registered riders have agreed to the online release and the plan to flag those riders who may not have completed that process.


Part of the Occurrence process for crashes etc has been pulling the rider release form to send to USA Cycling with the First Report of Occurrence. With the new BikeReg and USA Cycling partnership all of the online waivers are already with USA Cycling before the event starts. So rather than going to registration to pull the paper release form you’ll be going to registration to find out if the rider has utilized the online waiver or if they are a day of event participant who has signed a paper waiver.


For day of event participants the process is the same- pull the physical release form (making a copy for yourself or taking a photo of it) to send/upload to USA Cycling during the Post Event process. This is also necessary for anyone who pre-registered but did not complete the online waiver form. There are some instances where this is possible, so the Event Director should have them fill out a form on site.