NEBRA State and Regional Championship Event Guidelines

NEBRA State/Regional Championship Overview and Guidelines

updated 8/11/2019

As the Local Association for USA Cycling the New England Bicycle Racing Association is responsible for the awarding of State and Regional Championship designations. Events selected for these designationa are awarded to events that enhance the New England cycling community for racers, spectators and even other events. As premium designations NEBRA views State and Regional Championship designations as ‘may award’ rather than ‘must award’. If no suitable bids are received NEBRA may opt to not hold a Championship in any given year.

Events wishing to be considered for USA Cycling State/Regional Championship Status must submit an online bid application by email to the NEBRA board ( The bid application should follow the suggested format shown below.

State/Regional Championship Events will be required to adhere to the following guidelines:

Athlete Eligibility:
To be considered for a State Championship medal, athletes must be a USA Cycling annual license holder and reside in the state as shown on their license. For Regional Championships the athlete must reside in one of the six New England States (CT,MA,ME,NH,RI,VT). State/Regional Championships are open to both U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents (Green Card holders) but the athlete must have a USA Cycling annual license, not a license from a foreign federation.

Professional Riders are not eligible for State/Regional Championship medals. Professional riders are defined as those on a UCI registered World, Pro, Continental or Women’s team.

State/Regional Championship Categories:
A State/Regional Championship event must include the following Men’s and Women’s categories:
Elite u23
Junior u19
Master 40+

In addition, NEBRA suggests holding State/Regional Championships for the following Men’s and Women’s categories:
Junior u17, u15, u13
Master 40-44, 44-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70+

There are no State/Regional Championship awards for ability subcategories, only open championships i.e. no separate cat 4 State Championship awards.

Awarding of Medals:
State/Regional Championships may include riders who are not eligible for the championships medals, but medals will only be awarded to eligible riders.
A single event may serve as the championship event for multiple states.
Medals are awarded three deep. There is no minimum number of starters to be eligible for a State/Regional Championship Medal

Elite Medals in Combined Championship Category Events:
For Elite Championship Medals, when racing in a category with multiple categories- for example a Pro/1/2 race where u23 riders are also racing- the Elite Championship medals will be awarded to the first rider from that state to cross the line. So if a u23 rider wins the overall race, that rider is the Elite Champion. Subcategory medals will be awarded after all Elite places are awarded.

In special cases where separate races are run together (For example Pro/1/2 Women and Cat 3 Women) but scored separately, the Championship medals are awarded as if the race was one combined field. This is only for State/Regional medal awards, individual race scoring and awards still apply as shown on the race flyer.

Age Group Medals in Combined Championship Category Events:
For Age Group medals, ie Masters and Juniors, the State/Regional Championships are awarded within each age group. So unlike an Elite race, in a combined Master 40-49, if a 46 year old wins the overall they are awarded the 45-49 gold medal and the first 40-44 rider would receive the gold for that age group.

Awards Ceremony:
All State/Regional Championship events are asked to have an awards ceremony with a 3 place podium presentation.

Requirements/Best Practices:
Clubs or race directors applying for a NEBRA State or Regional Championship designation must be current NEBRA Members and have a demonstrated ability to organize high quality, professional events. Championship events must be permitted through USA Cycling as at least Category D events. All NEBRA State and Regional Championships are required to have fully equal (equal payout to an equal number of places) prize lists for the Elite Men’s and Elite Women’s fields.
All State/Regional Championships are urged to follow the NEBRA Best Practices guidelines found here.

Deadline for Submission:

For Road designations (Road Race, Criterium, Time Trial) we ask that bids be received by March 1st for announcement April 1st. For Cyclocross we ask that bids be received by June 1st for announcement July 1st. Calls for bids and exact dates may be adjusted by NEBRA from time to time. Calls for bids and any changes will be announced via the NEBRA Promoters Google Group and NEBRA social media.

State/Regional Championship Bid Format

Event Name:
Race Director:
Event Contact Info:
Event Website and/or Social Media Accounts

Event Description:

Event History:

Championship Categories Planned: