NEBRA Officials Incentive Program

The New England Bicycle Racing Association is introducing the NEBRA Officials Incentive Program (OIP). The OIP is aimed to recruit and retain new officials to help grow the grassroots level officiating and reduce the burden put on promoters by the diminishing number of officials in the area.

NEBRA’s OIP will extend USAC’s currently program that cover’s the first-year officials license for any club from one year to 3 total years. NEBRA will reimburse the official’s license fee for newly recruited C level officials after their first year of officiating. The requirements for this are:

  • Official must be based in a New England state
  • Official must work 3 or more USAC Sanctioned races per year; with at least one race being a non-club race*
  • Official must submit receipt for official license purchase

*NEBRA will consider special exceptions for officials who don’t meet the non-club race requirement if they go above and beyond with the number of club events they support. We want as many active officials as possible.