The 2019 NEBRA Ranking Series presented by BikeReg

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  We saw some great racing and exciting finishes last season and we are ready to do it again! We’re excited to share another way you can battle it out with your friends on the road all season long.

Announcing the 2019 NEBRA Ranking!

For 2019 we continue with our combined road race and criterium rankings to find the best rider in New England. Just like last year, this is an exclusive for New England riders. The best 10 results that a racer achieves in 2019 will count towards their overall ranking. See how you stack up against New England racers! At the end of the season the top rider in each category will be presented with a champions jersey from our friends at Craft.

This year we will be introducing a new tiebreaker policy. In the event of a tie at the end of the season we will determine our champion by the highest placing in a Regional Road of Criterium Championship, and if necessary a State Road or Criterium Championship.

What categories will be tracked for rankings?

P/1/2 Men
Cat 3 Men
40-44 Men
45-49 Men
50-54 Men
55+ Men
60+ Men
P/1/2 Women
Cat 3 Women
40+ Women
u15 Boys
u19 Boys
u15 Girls
u19 Girls

What races count for the rankings?

Any non-training race in New England permitted by USA Cycling (administered by NEBRA), beginning with the Chris Hinds Memorial Criterium and running through the New Haven Grand Prix, count toward the rankings.  You can browse the full NEBRA Calendar here.

How do I score points?

  • Masters fields will score points for any category that doesn’t have an “older” race they could be entered in – i.e. a 40+ field will count toward 40-44 and 45-49 if there is a 50+ race that the event.
  • If there is not a 50+ race, the 40+ race counts toward all masters rankings.
  • Men’s category fields will score points toward the highest category in them – i.e. a P/1/2/3 counts toward the P/1/2 ranking and a 3/4 field counts toward the Cat 3 ranking.
  • Women’s category fields count toward all categories in them – i.e. a women’s P1/2/3 counts toward the cat 3 and P/1/2 ranking.
  • A masters field that doesn’t include cat 1 riders doesn’t count toward anything.
  • In men’s category races and men’s masters races, younger/lower category riders can take points away from older/higher category riders – points are awarded based on finish position only.  The age of the riders ahead of you doesn’t matter.
  • In women’s races, points are awarded based on finish position within your category.  So P/1/2 riders *cannot* take points from cat 3s – if the first cat 3 is 12th, that still gives 1st-place points toward the cat 3 rankings.
  • Women’s Masters 40+ points are awarded in the P/1/2/3 race and are based on overall finish position. You get points based on your place against all racers (i.e 7th overall but top 40+ = 7th place points) but the ranking only includes 40+ racers.
  • Points will be awarded based on three scales, depending on the number of starters in the race
    20 or less:
    10 deep: 40-30-20-15-10-8-6-4-2-1
    41 or more:
    15 deep: 50-40-30-25-20-18-16-14-12-10-8-6-4-2-1

How can I find out how I am doing?

Rankings will be hosted on Road-Results

Good luck and see you at the races!