NEBRA Transgender Athlete Policy

The New England Bicycle Racing Association has a policy of diversity and inclusion. In keeping with that policy we have adopted and support USA Cycling’s Policy on Transgender Athlete Participation.

From USA Cycling Policy VII:
Non-Elite Competition
At non-elite competition levels, a member may self-select his or her gender. Members who transition to a gender different from their gender on file with USA Cycling should contact USA Cycling to be placed in a class and category appropriate for that person’s racing resume and experience. Members will be subject to the mandatory upgrade policy, and USA Cycling may re- categorize a member based on results achieved after a gender identity change. This policy may be used to either downgrade a member who is not able to compete in a higher category, or to upgrade a member who shows exceptional results in a given category outside of normal upgrade regulations.

Policy Adopted 6/9/2017