NEBRA Promoter Tools and Calendar Access Policy

The NEBRA Promoter Google Group and its associated shared resources folder is available to all USA Cycling Event Directors in the New England region and on an individual case by case basis. To join the Google Group please email the NEBRA Administrator through the contact form here.

Participation in the NEBRA Planning Calendar is open to all USA Cycling sanctioned events in the New England region and on a case by case basis. To submit events for consideration please use the webform found here.

Public calendar listing on the NEBRA website is offered to all USA Cycling sanctioned events in New England. NEBRA may also choose to include other events on a case by case basis. NEBRA will keep the online calendar as up to date as possible. The Road Season calendar will be announced to the public in early February and the Cyclocross Calendar in April.

Participation and Calendar inclusion for events sanctioned outside of the USA Cycling framework:

As USA Cycling’s contracted Local Association in New England we strongly urge all events to sanction through USA Cycling. We believe USA Cycling sanctioning adds substantial value to an event and thus is the best choice for our community. This value includes trained officials, nationally consistent rules, event standards such as upgrade points and resources to support promoters and athletes. Price alone should not be the determining factor in choosing a sanctioning body. While there might be a minor cost savings to not sanctioning through USA Cycling, it comes at the expense of your local community and Local Association.

NEBRA recognizes that events may not be ready to commit to USA Cycling sanctioning or that in rare cases that USA Cycling sanctioning may not be appropriate. In an effort to support the larger New England cycling community NEBRA will consider standalone events for inclusion in the NEBRA Promoters Google Group, the Planning Calendar and the public event listings. Interested event directors can contact us through the contact form here.

Policy created 1/24/17