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The race flyer that is uploaded to the USA Cycling website is your ‘official race announcement’ and is the canonical source of information for your event. In any conflict between the USA Cycling race announcement and BikeReg, Facebook or other flyers, the USA Cycling version prevails. Once you have published your flyer/race announcement as part of the USA Cycling permit process all changes must be approved by the NEBRA Administrator- changing the BikeReg page/website is not enough.

So with that in mind, your online flyer needs to have all the necessary information to satisfy USA Cycling Policy VI. Important highlights of that policy:

  • The USA Cycling name and the USA Cycling emblem
  • The declaration “Held under USA Cycling event permit”
  • The order of events and all expected starting times
  • The date(s) and location(s) of all bicycle races in the race event.  All such race information must be included in the race permit
  • A list of races that identifies which classes and categories are eligible for each
  • For each race category:  the amount of the entry fee, the distance/duration, the total amount of the prize lists, the nature of the prizes (cash, merchandise, combination thereof, or other), the number of places that will receive prizes. If cash is to be awarded, the minimum value will be shown, and this may not be reduced after the flyer is approved
  • The online registration provider and link to online registration. If you are not covering the online registration surcharge NEBRA suggests adding “Online surcharge applies.”
  • The existence of any surcharges and what they are for, such as fees for late entry or day of race fees. NEBRA’s 2020 suggested language is: “Entry Fee includes  USA Cycling Insurance Surcharge of $5.30”
  • Any restrictions on entries, such as registration closing date & time, and minimum or maximum field sizes

Additionally on your ‘official race announcement’ as well as the BikeReg page and event website we ask that all potential fees a rider might incur be disclosed. For riders needing a one day license the cost of that license should be disclosed, as well as the restrictions on that license. NEBRA’s suggested language is:

“One-day licenses may be purchased onsite for $15 and are valid for a single day of racing. Onsite One-day licenses may only be purchased by Novice Men and Novice Women, for use in races open to those categories.”

If there are parking fees or venue access fees, those should also be noted on the flyer.

We encourage all event directors to upload the same event flyer in all places, and to make sure all versions match. A PDF document works best for this purpose. We suggest having one master document for your race announcement and printing/exporting that as a PDF.

If you are using the online race flyer generated as part of the USA Cycling permitting process the above information still applies.

One day license information, surcharge information and registration notes can all go in the “notes” section of the USA Cycling online permit.

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