The Dirty Pizza
August 30, 2018
September 9, 2018 @ 6:47 pm – 7:47 pm
121 Old Settlers Rd
Alstead, NH 03602

We are back again for our fourth year.  For 2018 we have decided to change things up a bit.

The ride will stay largely unchanged:  The Dirty Pizza is a 40 mile loop with a mix of dirt roads and unmaintained town roads (aka Class VI) and a few paved connections. There are big tough climbs, spectacular views and speedy backroad descents,that all conclude with a wood fired pizza feast.

   This year the Dirty Pizza is in a transitional year as we decide on the  direction we want to take with the future of our beloved event. So, this year we are scaling down the production to the bare essentials: Excelent riding, Great Pizza, and Awesome Participants!

What has Changed:  To start with, the price.  As always, we will have multiple ride options to choose from, but just three price catagories.  The full priced ride is $25 dollars.  This is for any adult who plans to do one of the longer rides that take you past the (one) Feed Zone.

If you are under 18 doing the full ride, or an Adult doing a shorter ride the price is $10

Age 12 and under is Free.


The course will be ridden using Cue cards, Maps, and GPS.   WE KNOW, arrows are better, and we plan to have them back in 2019.   We will mark the corners and intersections in the woods where there are no road signs to confirm the cue sheets or GPS.


Ride with GPS links below, Cue sheets provided at Registration

The Dirty Pizza , Single SliceDouble slice , Half Pie , and Clean Pizza

– Check out complete ride descriptions here.

Feed station will have water, fruit, and Bakery cookies.

Call, email or Facebook message with questions. 60-7845 3-835


~ Competitive cyclists will want a cross bike with some tread. Not too worried about speed? You’ll be happy on a mountain bike. Road bikesnot recommended.

~ This ride is self supported. Bring your own gear to change flats and make minor repairs.

~ The pizza feast will consist of wood fired pizza with a variety of toppings. Gluten free crusts available.


~ See more about the venue:

Call or email if you have questions:

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